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Union warns of fall in numbers working for manufacturing sector

The number of workers in manufacturing firms has fallen by 385,000 in recent years, a new study has revealed.

Research by the GMB union showed the total has fallen below three million since 2008.

Every region of the UK has seen a decline in manufacturing employment, including falls of 85,000 in the north west, 54,000 in London, 52,000 in the south east and 37,000 in Scotland, said the report.

Jude Brimble, national officer of the GMB said: "It is a fundamental truth that the recovery in the UK cannot be put on a sound footing until the Government put in place a strategy to close the balance of payments deficit which last year was over 5% of GDP.

"Closing this deficit is ultimately more important than dealing with the public sector deficit.

"The Government have to accept that we are travelling in the wrong direction with another 385,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the UK over the last seven years.

"Unless the UK Government and the devolved administrations address this unsustainable deficit another recession is inevitable. "