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Unison boss Dave Prentis urges workers to 'smash the pay cap'

The Government's "draconian" legislation will not stop unions taking industrial action, a senior union leader has warned.

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, vowed to campaign to repeal the "brutal" Trade Union Act.

He told Unison's annual conference in Brighton that this was the year to "smash" the Government's cap on public sector pay and reverse austerity.

He said: "This Government's austerity pay policies have crushed public services under their heel.

"They have ground down public service employees.

"They're worried about their jobs, their families and can't go through another five years of poverty pay.

"Now is the time to shout 'enough is enough'.

"This is the year to smash the pay cap.

"We will not stop taking industrial action because of the draconian legislation against us."