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Urbanpup bites into mail order market

By Claire Weir

A Co Down company is raising the woof in Germany with a range of high-end pet accessories. in Bangor has collared a listing with, the German branch of the giant online retailer.

Denis Kelly, managing partner of the firm, said the listing was an “important breakthrough” for the firm as Germany is Europe’s largest mail order market.

The company was founded |in 2007 and sells coats, sweaters and socks for dogs as well as |dog carriers, doggy pyjamas and tiaras.

Mr Kelly said: “We’ve seen significant sales growth in recent years and have been expanding to meet demand with support from Ulster Bank. For example, we doubled our sales at Christmas and employed an additional six people in December to help meet order demand.

“We expect the listing with to lead to a further significant increase in business, which is great news for the company.”

He said the company had been put through its paces before securing the listing. “The selection process for Amazon is extremely rigorous, involving agents ordering anonymously to test our order-fulfilment process and customer service.

“Having been selected as an Amazon UK supplier earlier |this year, we were keen to get |into other parts of the Amazon business. Supplying is a real achievement for the |company and opens massive |opportunities. Thanks to the |investments we’ve made, our service has proven to be very robust and stood up to the scrutiny of”

Ulster Bank manager James Foote said: “We’ve been working closely with Urban Pup to help it invest to meet growing demand and to access more international markets, with funding made available through our £300m fund |for small to medium-sized |enterprises,” he said.

Ulster Bank has been providing funding to the company through the enterprise finance guarantee scheme for small companies.

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