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US first for Galen cancer drug

By Clare Weir

A Northern Ireland company has become the first here to sell a cancer therapy drug into the US market.

Galen, a global pharmaceutical firm headquartered in Craigavon, employs around 150 people, providing specialist support for research and development as well as manufacture and distribution of medical products.

Its products are now available in 16 countries.

Galen operates under the umbrella of the pharmaceutical development organisation the Almac Group.

The drug, DaunoXome, is used to treat advanced HIV-associated Kaposi's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects both the skin and organs inside the body, including the lungs, liver and digestive tract.

Galen will also market the drug in 12 European countries as well as Brazil. The product was acquired from Gilead Sciences, Inc, which will continue to manufacture it.

Galen's managing director Mark Scrutton said: "DaunoXome marks our first step into the oncology arena.

"Long term, we hope this development and others will create additional jobs in Craigavon and the US."