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US judge inclined to back Volkswagen emissions scandal deal

A federal judge in San Francisco has said he is strongly inclined to approve a near-15 billion US dollar (£12.2 billion) settlement over the emissions cheating scandal involving Volkswagen.

US District Judge Charles Breyer made the comments at a hearing on Tuesday to determine whether the deal is fair to consumers and should receive final approval.

He did not immediately issue a decision after hearing from Volkswagen owners opposed to the settlement.

Judge Breyer said he wants to consider objections to determine whether to recommend any changes and will issue a final ruling by October 25.

The settlement calls for the German carmaker to spend up to 10 billion US dollars (£8.1 billion) to buy back or repair about 475,000 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles with 2-litre diesel engines and pay their owners an additional sum of between 5,100 US dollars (£4,100) and 10,000 US dollars (£8,100) each.

It also includes billions in environmental mitigation and investments to promote zero-emissions vehicles.

Earlier, s everal angry Volkswagen owners told the judge that the proposed settlement does not adequately compensate them.

Some owners who spoke at the hearing demanded the full purchase price of their cars.

Lawyers who helped negotiate the deal said it was fair and had received support from the vast majority of eligible car owners.