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US tech boss denies Republic considered a tax haven

By Niall O'Connor

The head of a US technology firm that yesterday announced 100 new jobs in the Republic has rejected the "misperception" that Ireland is deemed a tax haven in the US.

Qualtrics chief executive Ryan Smith said his firm's decision to expand its Dublin headquarters was not influenced by the Irish tax structures, which include a corporation tax rate of 12.5%.

Northern Ireland has also fought a long battle to have the power to set its own rate of corporation tax at 12.5%.

Mr Smith said that the move was influenced heavily by the lack of red tape facing US firms looking to invest here. "We don't need anything special.

"We just need to be able to run things and not have a bunch of stupid things put in our way.

"I think that's what Ireland has done a great job at. It's not rocket science, just stay out of their way and let businesses do what they're going to do," Mr Smith said.

Starting out with just three employees, the Utah-based firm aims to employ 250 people by the end of next year.

Asked whether controversy surrounding Irish tax laws influences US investors, Mr Smith said this was a "misperception" most prevalent in Ireland.

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