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US to discuss 100% tariffs on EU's foods

By Ciaran Moran

The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) will hold a hearing in Washington this week to discuss applying a tariff as high as 100% on a host EU products.

It comes as newly-elected US President Donald Trump's highly protectionist agenda looks to have already called time on a host of high-profile trade deals including TTIP.

One news outlet in the US has said the tariff could be as high as 100%. Tomorrow's hearing will look at the possibility of imposing a tariff on certain imported products, including beef.

USTR asked for submissions ahead of the hearing and is understand to have received over 11,500 responses prior to the deadline.

The US says it is taking this action against what it calls the European Union's unfair trade practices, which it says discriminate against the US beef industry.

It says the EU's ban on hormone-treated US beef is not based on sound science and discriminates against American beef farmers. The US National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the US Meat Export Federation wrote to the USTR before Christmas calling for and end to tariff concessions on EU exports and said that the US domestic beef industry would benefit from such a move.

The ban has been in place for around 20 years, and led the US to sue the EU at the WTO.

The EU bans the import of beef and beef products produced from animals to which any of six hormones have been given for growth-promotion purposes in the US.

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