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Used cars top consumers' complaints

More than 70% of complaints to the Consumerline trading standards help line in the first 10 months of this year were about the sale of used cars. Most of these 1,000 calls related to faults that were revealed after cars had been purchased.

Other complaints — more than 13% of calls — were linked to misleading claims by traders, or the failure of sellers to provide full information. A further 7% of complaints were about substandard service.

Stephen Thompson, Consumerline manager, said: “We continue to receive a high number of complaints which are often due to some traders refusing to deal with legitimate complaints or provide appropriate compensation. We want to help people understand their rights when buying a used car from a dealer and we are working with the industry and local authority trading standards to get this message across.

“Dealers who fail to treat customers fairly or sell cars that are defective could face enforcement action.”

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