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USEL bags deal to sell its satchels in Titanic Belfast

Social enterprise Ulster Supported Employment Ltd (USEL) is to sell its hand-made leather satchels in Titanic Belfast.

USEL's Vintage Satchel Company employs people who have disabilities to make its products.

Denise Kennedy, head of retail and merchandising at Titanic Belfast, said: "We are delighted to stock the Vintage Satchel Company's products.

"Having produced satchels for over 50 years, they are unique example of local craftsmanship."

Ms Kennedy added: "Using only locally sourced leather, its collections have become known for their simple, understated design - we are really looking forward to selling them during our summer season and have no doubt that they will prove popular with tourists."

Staff at USEL also make 90% of all the equipment bags carried in the back of Northern Ireland's fire engines and all the equipment bags carried in ambulances.

And they've been making traditional brown leather satchels for around 50 years - but expanded into brighter shades after coloured satchels were embraced by the fashion world.

The satchels are being sold as part of Titanic Belfast's Year of Access - a programme that highlights the issue of disability access.

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