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Video: Equality Commission NI conference at The MAC

By Gary Grattan

The promotion of equality and diversity in the workplace was the theme of a special conference staged at The MAC in Belfast.

The event was organised by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland in association with Business in the Community.
Tanya Kennedy, workplace director with Business in the Community, said: "It was really about giving people the opportunity to understand how biases effect how they think, how they behave and how that ultimately impacts the workplace in a negative or a positive way.
"It was also about how people can have control over that so they can engage with others to be more productive, competitive and provide the best service possible."
Paul Oakes, of the Equality Commission's advisory services team, added: "The reason this event was so important for the Commission was because it touched on three of the key areas of the equality agenda which are crucial to us - disability, sex equality and carers."





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