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Vodafone and EE still attracting the most complaints

By Josie Clarke

Customer complaints about telecoms and pay television suppliers have increased, with EE and Vodafone retaining their positions as the most complained about companies.

Ofcom said it was "disappointing" to see a rise in the number of complaints between July and September after several months of decreasing figures.

EE and Plusnet attracted the highest volumes of landline complaints at 34 and 33 per 100,000 customers respectively, mainly relating to faults, service, problems with changing supplier and complaints handling.

BT, Post Office HomePhone and TalkTalk also generated complaints above the industry average of 17 per 100,00 customers.

EE again attracted the most complaints for fixed line broadband, while Plusnet and BT saw significant increases in complaints. Grievances about TalkTalk were higher than the industry average.

Vodafone remained the most complained about mobile provider after numbers increased from 14 complaints to 20 per 100,000 customers.

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