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Vodafone 'exporting jobs north from the Republic'

Telecoms company Vodafone has been accused of "exporting" over 300 jobs to Northern Ireland from the Republic.

The firm last week told 316 workers at its call centres in Dundalk and Dublin that it was moving to a new provider, Teleperformance, which is based in Newry, Co Down.

Teleperformance employs around 1,450 people in Northern Ireland and 130,000 around the world.

The Vodafone call centres are operated at present by Rigney Dolphin, which has 113 employees in Dublin working on the Vodafone contract, and another 177 based in Dundalk.

As part of the switch, another 26 staff who are directly employed by Vodafone, 10 in Dublin and 16 in Dundalk, will also see their jobs transfer to Teleperformance.

Terry Delaney, the deputy general secretary of the Communication Workers' Union, said the bulk of the jobs would migrate to Newry.

"I suspect the bulk of people affected in Dublin will not transfer to Newry and redundancies will arise," he said.

Mr Delaney described Vodafone as "callous" and accused it of "exporting jobs in the blind pursuit of an increased bottom line".

This is the second time in a year Vodafone staff have been faced with bad news - last year the company outsourced nearly 140 jobs to India and Egypt.

Vodafone Ireland confirmed it was moving its mobile customer care to Teleperformance. "As part of the changes 26 Vodafone roles and 290 contract roles currently provided by Rigney Dolphin will transfer to Teleperformance.

"Vodafone and Rigney Dolphin are entering into a six-week consultation process with employee representatives," the firm said.