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Vodafone reveals portable WiFi

Vodafone is launching a portable WiFi hotspot allowing users to access the internet using mobile broadband with up to five devices at once.

The R201 also has enough on-board memory to store digital media such as photos, video or music files.

And because it is compliant with independent Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standards, it can link up compliant televisions, games consoles and radios as well as PCs, laptops and netbooks.

The system is pitched at consumers and small businesses looking to share files on the move, Vodafone says.

"The R201 enables our customers to take the WiFi connectivity experience they have at home or in the office everywhere with them," Huw Medcraft, Vodafone's director of mobile broadband, said. "By adding DLNA compatibility, it becomes much more than a connection to the internet."

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