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Vodafone well ahead of pack in 4G roaming destinations


By Scott Ritchie, director of Connect Telecom

As travel becomes more accessible in an increasingly mobile world, the regular 9-5 office is no longer the norm for many people. With new technologies, businesses are becoming more agile, more connected and more available for their clients in order to work efficiently when out of the office.

A study by the Office for National Statistics revealed that UK residents, including those from Northern Ireland, made over seven million visits abroad for business purposes alone in 2015.

In the past, huge roaming fees and a lack of roaming destinations have been a hindrance to the productivity of mobile workers on business trips. But, with almost 900 international investors now located in Northern Ireland, foreign travel is now part and parcel for many local employees and the need to remain connected on the go is more important than ever.

Instantaneous responses and decisions are now expected by customers and employees alike, no matter where they find themselves, with high-speed 4G connections and worry-free roaming making this possible.

4G not only provides greater mobile connection speeds but also greater data security. With public Wifi networks often unencrypted, organisational data may not always be protected. Now 4G has enhanced security features, allowing you to work in confidence knowing that organisational data is safe.

While all the major UK networks offer 4G, it was Vodafone that came out on top in a recent report by independent global research firm Ovum. Its report, 4G international Roaming Coverage - Operator Comparison, revealed the mobile giant offers significantly more 4G destinations to its customers than any other operator.

The study found that Vodafone leads in all 18 markets analysed, and that in most of the markets, Vodafone offered 100+ 4G roaming destinations - more than double the number of other operators in those markets.

Vodafone this month also announced that it will be abolishing roaming charges in 40 countries, covering most of Europe, meaning existing UK data allowances can be used at no extra cost. This offers the best roaming plan in the UK.

Business users can stay as connected abroad as they would in the office. You can roam like at home with worry-free roaming pricing, so Vodafone customers can make the most of their time abroad.

Vodafone is clearly ahead of the game where 4G and roaming is concerned. I have no doubt the new roaming benefits offered will be a game-changer for many local companies, especially where mobile working even as close as across the border, is essential for its business and employees.

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