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Waitrose strengthens food partnership with Dunnes

BY John Mulligan

High-end UK grocery chain Waitrose is to cement its relationship with Dunnes Stores by supplying the retailer with more products.

Dunnes has been selling Waitrose-branded goods in some outlets here since last November.

A spokesman for Waitrose said that the UK multiple, which is part of the John Lewis group, is currently supplying Dunnes with 69 lines of products, ranging from wines to frozen food.

He said that the Waitrose team was currently looking at also supplying Dunnes with a "number of seasonal lines".

The marriage between Dunnes and Waitrose is an unlikely one. Waitrose's main competitor in the UK is Marks -amp; Spencer, with shoppers willing to pay a premium for its goods.

While Dunnes Stores has a handful of outlets in Britain, it doesn't sell food there, just textiles.

In Northern Ireland it has about 24 stores, many of which sell groceries.