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Warning on future jobs if UK votes for Brexit

More than 100,000 future UK manufacturing jobs would be put at risk by Brexit, according to a new report.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) suggests that tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs will be created over the next 15 years because of the European Union's single market and that a vote to Leave on June 23 would place them in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, manufacturing bosses are set to warn that a vote to Leave would harm the industry with the chiefs of Siemens, Airbus and GKN due to share a platform to urge voters to back a Remain vote.

Analysis by the CEBR suggests that close to one million UK manufacturing jobs are linked to trade with the EU and that just shy of 110,000 new roles will be created across the country by 2030 because of things like greater co-operation in the single market.

But supporters of Brexit have ridiculed the suggestion that future jobs would be lost in the event of a vote to quit the EU.

John Longworth, chairman of the Vote Leave Business Council, said: "These daily threats are becoming absurd.

"The jobs they refer to don't even exist - so how can they be at risk?"

The heads of Siemens, Airbus and GKN will say at a Britain Stronger in Europe event on Wednesday that future jobs would be put at risk if the UK votes to Leave the EU.

They will say that Brexit would result in new trade barriers harming investment in the UK.

The three employ some 35,000 people across the UK.

Paul Kahn, the president of Airbus Group UK, will say: "The economic disruption and uncertainty that would accompany a leave vote would inevitably impact on long-term investment decisions and, in turn, future job creation in UK manufacturing."

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd and Vince Cable, the former business secretary, are also due to attend the Britain Stronger in Europe event.

Ms Rudd will say the intervention in the referendum campaign by the manufacturing companies is a "wake-up call".

"Leading employers are saying investment and jobs are at risk if we leave Europe," she will say.

"That means future generations deprived of opportunities. It means less financial security for British families. It is just not worth the risk."

Other industry bodies have also issued warnings ahead of June 23.

The Manufacturers' Organisation, the EEF, has issued a letter from more than 100 businesses saying leaving the EU would make Britain "economically weaker" while the Manufacturing Technologies Association believes leaving would be "madness".

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