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Web Summit founder reveals expansion plans

By Staff Reporter

The founder of international tech conference the Web Summit says that Dublin's RDS has "almost infinite" space that would allow the event to grow to 100,000 attendees.

The Web Summit has grown substantially since its creation in 2010 where only 400 people attended.

Last year, the Web Summit saw more than 22,000 people attend from over 100 countries, while Belast helped kick off the event with special events for entrepreneurs in the city.

Founder Paddy Cosgrave expects the number of attendees to grow to over 30,000 for this year's event from November 3-5.

Earlier this year spin-off events WebConf and Moneyconf were held in Belfast, celebrating the enterprise software and financial technology sectors respectively.

Mr Cosgrave refused to talk about negotiations between the Web Summit and other countries over a potential move from Dublin.

Portugal's Deputy Prime Minister, Paolo Portas, said that his country had been applying to bring the event to Lisbon since March.

However, Mr Cosgrave said this wasn't the only interest.

He said: "Since the very first event that we held in Ireland, we've been approached.

"In 2011 we held a number of meetings in Number 10, Downing Street.

"Dublin will always be our home. This is our headquarters, we have 130 people here and irrespective of whether we're here for the next five years or anywhere else, Dublin is still absolutely our home. This is an Irish company."

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