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The Belfast Telegraph's award winning website has just got better - with new improved design, layout and presentation of stories. will continue to deliver the first class news coverage you have come to expect - the site is now a lot easier to use... easier for you to read ...easier to find the stories you are looking for ...easier for you to comment ...easier to share your favourite content.

Improvements include better integration with social and news media tools, an enhanced search engine and a simpler, cleaner design aimed at providing a more enjoyable and engaging experience for our readers.

There are bigger and better photo galleries with loads more video and interactive graphics bringing stories to life. We are also increasing coverage of local events in our What's On guide and will be introducing new sections over the coming months.


Online Editor Jerome Crolly said: "This is a very exciting time for Belfast Telegraph and the new look is demonstation of our committment to innovating and improving our online service - in a way that reflects the changing requirements of our audience.

"In tandem with the site redesign, there will be fresh focus on creating a more enriched experience on web, mobile and tablets, reinforcing our position as the leading cross-platform publisher in Northern Ireland."


We have listened to your comments and feedback on the site and worked hard on the new look to ensure that you continue to enjoy first-class coverage of local and international news, sport and entertainment. is widely recognised by industry and users alike as being among the top digital news sites in the UK and Ireland collecting the following Award


Winner - Digital News Service of the Year (UK and Ireland) 2010 - Newspaper Society


Judges' comments -


"The site has genuine desire to service the needs and harness the perspective of users."

"I love this site – it just gets better and better."

"a behemoth of a site - appropriate for one of Europe's most interesting cities."

"a pathfinder for other regional websites.


as well as


Winner - Online Media awards - Regional News Site of the Year 2012

Winner The Northern Ireland Social Media Awards (NISMAs) Best Publication 2011

Winner - CIPR Media Awards - Website of the Year 2009,2011,2012


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