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We'll keep on growing, says boss of City Airport

Belfast City Airport boss Brian Ambrose says he is confident it will keep growing - even with Ryanair as competition at rival the International.

Ryanair pulled out of Belfast City back in 2010, after long-running delays to a runway extension.

And an extension is something which is now completely off the table, according to Mr Ambrose.

With aircraft taking off from Belfast City now reaching the south of Spain, he said the extension is "not required" and not part of the airport's 10-year plan.

Ryanair has said it will bring a million more passengers through its new Belfast International Airport hub.

It's investing $300m (£200m) in three new planes, and said it would create 750 jobs when it begins flying four times to London Gatwick daily, before launching around five new routes later in the year. But Mr Ambrose said it had now repaired the damage caused by Ryanair's departure. "If you look a where we were then, and where we are now, we are much stronger."

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