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Who is Nick Leeson?

The 45-year-old, now a renowned conference and after-dinner speaker, was made famous by single-handedly bringing down Barings Investment Bank. His unchecked risk-taking led to $1.3bn of liabilities and the collapse of what was then one of the world's longest established investment institutions. Following a high-profile arrest and trial, Leeson (right) was sentenced to prison in one of Singapore's most notorious jails. During his time there, he was diagnosed and treated for cancer and eventually released in 1999.

Since then, Leeson has travelled the globe, speaking about his experiences, corporate responsibility, risk-taking and overcoming adversity. In 2007, his second book Back from the Brink: Coping With Stress was published.

Following an interview with Nick Leeson in prison, Sir David Frost realised the potential for a movie and optioned the rights to Nick's story. Rogue Trader was turned into a feature film starring Ewan McGregor and Anna Friel.

In 2006 Nick was appointed CEO of Galway United FC and stepped down in January 2011. He still lives in Galway with second wife Leona and three children.

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