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Why Sarah's on mission to bring her tasty vegan food to the meat eating masses

Sarah’s World Fare menu features a wide range of interesting and internationally inspired dishes
Sarah’s World Fare menu features a wide range of interesting and internationally inspired dishes
Sarah became a vegan five years ago and is pushed to experiment by her partner Conor O’Hare
Mushroom and ale stew pockets are a popular comfort food for many
Cauliflower nuggets (instead of chicken) are delicious
Peanut butter and Oreo cheesecake is gorgeous

By Rachel Martin

Vegan food that's not just for vegans - that's the culinary mission of Sarah McGreechan. And it seems the approach of the 26-year-old food fanatic is paying off.

She says she is "not on a one-woman mission to convert the world to veganism" but simply wants people here to know what they can do with plant-based food products.

The Portaferry woman runs a mobile vegan deli, taking her recipes to markets the length and breadth of Northern Ireland.

Now she's on the verge of opening up a pop-up cafe in Portaferry - and if successful, would like to open a permanent shop in Belfast.

She aims to produce convenient but satisfying meals for vegans and vegetarians but has also found a non-vegan following.

Sarah said she sees it as a challenge to make vegan food which will titillate anyone's taste buds.

"I'm all about tasty food. Some people hear 'vegan' and they run a mile. They think you mean a couple of carrots. But it's not all healthy - it can be so indulgent and tasty too.

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"I love real comfort food; good filling, hearty food. I love traditional food and try to make my friends' favourite recipes.

Sarah admitted she is inspired by her partner, Conor O'Hare, who pushes her to experiment with her cooking to recreate his favourite non-vegan dishes.

"I noticed a big difference when I made the transition to become vegan. Being vegetarian it's easy to just add cheese to things - that makes anything taste good. But to recreate the taste and texture of your favourite dishes without any animal produce at all is that bit harder."

Sarah became a vegan five years ago after spending most of her life as a vegetarian.

She travelled the world, working mainly as a chef and blogging about her favourite recipes. She realised there were very few options for vegans and vegetarians at home in Northern Ireland and realised that there was a gap in the market for someone who could cater for this market.

Inspired by what she had seen abroad, last year she decided set up her business using £2,000 of her savings.

She continues to post all her recipes online saying she wants people to know where their food comes from and to understand more about cooking.

The Sarah's World Fare menu features a wide range of dishes, including sausage rolls, polenta chips, mushroom, cauliflower nuggets (instead of chicken), ale stew pockets, shepherd's pie, chocolate and raspberry doughnuts, lime and avocado cheesecake and vegan ice cream.

Sarah said: "You have to get enjoyment from the food and that's what I try to do. I would never mislead people, but some people are surprised that my stuff has been made without any animal products when they taste it.

"It's been overwhelming how quickly things have happened. I'm taking it a day at a time.

"If I was doing anything else I don't think I would be able to do it because of the amount of work involved but I love food and that really drives me."

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