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Will Starbucks wake up and smell the coffee?

Starbucks is going boldly where many have failed before by unveiling a radical change of its branding.

Gone are the chunky white mugs which have tired many's a coffee drinker's wrist.

Instead there will be lighter china cups from which customers can imbibe their cappuccinos and skinny lattes.

But more fundamentally, Starbucks has decided to abolish the distinctive 'Starbucks coffee' lettering on its logo. However, the coffee giant is on difficult territory - US clothes retailer GAP unveiled a new logo late last year before having to go back to its old branding after an online campaign from outraged customers.

Some brand experts are already choking on their americanos at the move. "I think it's nuts," said one.

The firm may yet have to wake up and smell the coffee on this drastic move.