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Wind farm project aims to create jobs and give economy £20m injection


A new wind farm for Limavady could inject £20m into the economy and create hundreds of jobs, according to the project's backers.

ARC NI 1 Ltd, part of the Windyfields Group, has submitted a planning application for 21 wind turbines of 3.3 MW output each on Windy Hill Road near Limavady, its second planned wind farm.

The total cost of construction is some £70m, of which Northern Ireland could receive £20m.

A report commissioned for the company said that the construction phase of the project could mean almost £12m in wages.

The firm claims that the wind farm could produce electricity each year to meet the needs of approximately 37,500 homes and could reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 68,914 tonnes each.

General manager Gavin Forkan said the development could boost the construction sector as well as the greater North Coast area.

"Windyfields is committed to investing in and supporting the local economy to ensure economic benefits of these types of projects are felt locally," he said.

"We have been working closely with the families of local landowners involved and are greatly encouraged by their support and commitment to this project."

Neil McCullough of Oxford Economics, who compiled a report on the project, said: "It is estimated that the construction phase alone could deliver approximately £11.8m in wages and approximately 540 job years of direct, indirect and induced employment."

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