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Women are targeted as new pilots for easyJet

By Neil Lancefield

Budget airline easyJet has launched an initiative to double the proportion of women in its intake of newly-trained pilots.

Just over 5% of the low-cost carrier's 2,500 pilots are female, which is in line with the industry as a whole.

Women make up 6% of its new entrants, but this will be doubled to 12% over two years under the scheme.

The airline will introduce enhanced mentoring for female pilots and aim to attract more women to its training programme.

Head of flight operations at easyJet, Brian Tyrrell, said the firm had a "long-term strategy" to develop more female pilots.

"We recognise that the proportion of our pilots who are female is too low, as it is across the industry as a whole," he said.

"A career as a pilot is interesting and rewarding and we want more women to bring their skills to the role.

"Our initial focus will be to increase the pipeline of female pilots, including by talking to young women who may not have considered it as a career."

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