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Women urged to apply for top posts in Ulster's boardrooms

BY Clare Weir

More women need to come forward and apply for positions on company boards, a conference has been told.

Delegates at the Women's Leadership Conference in Belfast said a recommendation by Lord Davies that quotas should be imposed for getting women into boardrooms would not alone redress the low numbers of women at the top end of companies.

The concerns have been reflected by the Belfast Telegraph's Top 100 companies list, which shows that only three out of Northern Ireland's biggest companies - Translink, HCL BPO and Progressive Building Society - have women at the helm.

The conference, which was attended by 120 leading businesswomen, was supported by Vodafone and organised by the Institute of Directors and Women in Business NI.

Eileen Mullan of business consultancy Strictly Boardroom carried out a survey on the obstacles facing women who are trying to achieve boardroom positions.

The results revealed that 68% of respondents had not applied for a board position in the past five years, yet 74.5% of those who did apply were successful.

Ms Mullan commented: "The research clearly shows that where women apply, women succeed.

"However, more work needs to be done to engage and encourage them to do so."

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