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Workers 'close to breaking point'

Two out of five people are working harder than a year ago, suggesting they are "close to breaking point", according to a new report.

Forty-three per cent say they could not work any harder , a survey of 2,000 employees by recruitment firm Randstad found .

Just over half of those polled said they have to do the job of more than one person, while one in five believe their workload should be shared by at least two people.

Social care workers were found to be the most overstretched, followed by those in the legal profession.

Mark Bull, chief executive of Randstad said: "There is little doubt UK employees are working harder than ever.

"Spread-thin Britain is being stretched even thinner. Up until recently, firms were reluctant to take on staff because they were concerned the nascent economic recovery could be easily derailed.

"As a result, existing staff have taken on increasingly large workloads, particularly as the recovery has gained momentum and demand has increased."

The report added that the recession has spawned a new breed of "super worker", prepared to graft and fly quickly up the career ladder, leaving the country's labour market in good shape.