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Workers with DB Cargo urged not to sign contract 'that removes rights'

Last-ditch talks are to be held in a bid to resolve a dispute over jobs and new contracts for workers at rail freight company DB Cargo.

The Transport Salaried Staffs' Association warned of legal and industrial action if the row is not settled.

TSSA is warning its members not to sign any new contract of employment offered to them by DB from Monday, as they will be agreeing to "downgrade" their terms and conditions.

DB has announced plans to axe nearly 1,000 UK jobs, a third involving TSSA members.

General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said: "Negotiations with DB have been ongoing since the spring when they first announced their drastic job loss programme.

"But our patience has run out.

"The company's threat to impose new contracts on our members from today is the final straw.

"We are warning all staff, not just our members, not to sign any contract as you will be signing up to a contract that removes all your rights, including, we fear, your right to have our union representing your interests.

"The talks today are being held in Doncaster.

"If DB again fail to offer workers their basic rights, we have our lawyers ready to escalate the legal case against DB and we will ballot for industrial action, including strike action."

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