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Wrightbus: All aboard for electric buses on UK roads


Wirelessly-charged electric buses from Co Antrim firm Wrightbus are taking to the roads of Milton Keynes outside London as part of a five-year trial.

The performance of the eight buses manufactured by the Ballymena firm is being assessed on a 15-mile route to demonstrate that they make sense economically, as well as being better for the environment.

Instead of being plugged into the mains, the buses will be able to charge their batteries wirelessly during the working day.

Plates underneath the bus can receive power from wireless charging plates set into the road, a technique known as electrical induction.

According to the Financial Times, engineering consultant Arup is carrying out the project with Japanese trading house Mitsui at an undisclosed cost, with £640,000 in government funding.

Project leader John Miles said: "If it works as we hope, then it should open the door to it being done in many other cities, because our expectation is that these buses will prove reliable and effective in financial operation terms."

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