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As any jobseeker knows it is a challenging time to be looking for a new job.

In times of economic uncertainty when there are more people chasing fewer vacancies to be successful jobseekers need to be as well prepared as possible when creating CV’s, writing application letters and preparing for interview.

Now help is on hand from Northern Ireland's biggest job site which has launched a comprehensive help and advise section including a complete a-z covering everything from searching for jobs, answering killer interview questions to want to do on your first day at work.

Compiled with the assistance of local employers and recruitment experts the help and advise section also has videos interviews with local industry experts including Anne Richardson (Department of Employment), Alan Braithwaite (Abacus Recruitment), Sara McKinty (McKinty Associates), Peter Wallace (Capita), Ciaran Sheehan (Clarendon Executive), Trevor Hinds (Trevor Hinds Associates), Wayne Sullivan (Van Rath), Neal Lucas (Neal Lucas Recruitment) and many others providing relevant and insightful tips for jobseekers. As key local employers they give advice on what they look for in candidates and what they expect at each stage in the recruitment process.

How would you answer the question "What is the worst thing you have heard about our company?", "What is 7% of 7?" or is "A jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake?”"– you will find the answers to these and may more at

With a new members area enables you to create online CV’s, allows you to apply for jobs directly and manage the application process from one point.

As well as listing thousands of jobs in Northern Ireland for you to search, shortlist and apply for. So if you are looking for a job and want to use a site which will not only find you your next job but also help you apply and prepare for interview then is the site for you

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