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Young women 'still shut out of construction and engineering jobs'

Young women continue to be "shut out" of jobs in construction and engineering, leaving them having to work in lower paid sectors, according to a report.

The Young Women's Trust said 8,000 more men than women started an apprenticeship last autumn, claiming this proved the system was not working for young women.

New male apprentices look set to outnumber women this year for the first time since 2010, its study showed.

Gender stereotypes can make it difficult for women to find jobs in construction and engineering, contributing to an apprentice gender pay gap of 21%, said the report.

Young Women's Trust chief executive Dr Carole Easton said: "The growing skills shortage in sectors like construction and engineering is all the more reason to support more young women into relevant apprenticeships.

"But Young Women's Trust has found that young women across the country are shut out of these sectors.

"It is shocking that last year, in London, there were no higher level women apprentices in either construction or engineering.

"Supporting young women into these apprenticeships benefits women, benefits businesses and benefits the economy. We need urgent action."