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Avocado leads fresh fruit surge

By Josie Clarke

Fresh fruit and sparkling wine were among the fastest-growing grocery products of the year as consumers defied rising prices to eat healthily and indulge at home, figures show.

Shoppers in the UK spent £176.4m more on fresh fruit this year than they did last year, according to Nielsen's annual analysis of till sales at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Sales of 'free from' products, such as those without gluten or dairy, soared by 18.7% alongside a 10.7% increase for sparkling wine, while other categories to see a rise in popularity were hand-held ices, up 6.9%, bottled water (6.7%) and ale and stout (6%).

Sales of spirits rose £152.3m and shoppers spent an extra £80.3m on sparkling wine, while ale and stout became a bigger market than instant coffee.

Avocados were the third fastest growing individual product of the year, with shoppers spending £29.8m more on them than last year.

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