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Back Theresa May's Brexit plan or the economy will suffer, warns CBI boss


Angela McGowan is director of the CBI here

Angela McGowan is director of the CBI here

Angela McGowan is director of the CBI here

The head of the CBI in Northern Ireland has said the province's economy is suffering daily damage with growth at a near standstill due to the continuing uncertainty over Brexit.

Angela McGowan urged MPs to back a deal instead of holding out for the unachievable.

The CBI regional director said businesses were getting on with the day job but the "spectre of no deal" was holding them back from investment.

She also insisted that last-minute deal-making would not help the economy.

"A no-deal (exit) would unleash a minefield of consequences on the local economy that cannot be circumvented by mini-deals and last-minute horse-trading," she said.

"Holding out for unicorns will guarantee no deal. Only backing a deal will take business uncertainty off boiling point.

"MPs must put jobs and the UK's economic wellbeing before dogma and finally agree a way forward.

"Get behind the Prime Minister's deal, but if you can't, then get behind something else fast to protect communities and living standards."

The CBI also highlighted the results of a UK survey of 273 services, manufacturing and distribution firms. It said nearly 60% of them face rising costs and over 40% are stockpiling goods.

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