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BT probed by watchdog for ‘overcharging’

By Simon Neville

BT is under investigation by the telecoms regulator over allegations that it may have overcharged businesses when installing high-speed lines into offices.

Ofcom has launched a probe after saying information provided by BT could have breached rules meant to protect small firms from facing large, up-front costs. New rules introduced in 2014 mean BT must absorb the first £2,800 of excess construction costs associated with installing cables and technology into businesses signing up to BT's leased line services. Leased lines are high-speed, high-quality, point-to-point data connections that telecoms providers use for connecting offices, mobile base stations and broadband access networks, according to Ofcom.

"Excess construction charges are charges levied by BT to recover the costs of customer-specific network construction required to extend BT's existing network out to where the customer requires the new connection," said the watchdog.

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