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Business owners and professionals 'take a moment' for mental health


Nuala Murphy of Moment Health (back left) with #TakeAMoment advocates

Nuala Murphy of Moment Health (back left) with #TakeAMoment advocates

Nuala Murphy of Moment Health (back left) with #TakeAMoment advocates

Parents working across various sectors in Northern Ireland have come together to launch a mental health app and campaign that sheds light on perinatal depression and anxieties while offering support.

The campaign, titled Take A Moment, sets out to encourage parents to prioritise their mental health when working and raising children.

According to the creators of the campaign, Moment Health, 20% of women and 10% of men experience symptoms of post-natal depression or associated anxieties.

The campaign also aims to encourage parents to download the free Moment Health app on iOS and Android, and follow the hashtag #TakeAMoment, to avail of services including mood trackers and locating help in their area.

Speaking about the launch of #TakeAMoment, Moment Health chief executive and founder Nuala Murphy said: "I believe we have a responsibility to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of new and expectant parents and those that care for them; at home, in the workplace and across our communities.

"When we go through early intervention, we have the potential to affect the mental health of future generations, so I want this campaign to assist with early intervention. I would encourage everyone to take a moment to consider their mental health and be empowered with the knowledge they need to seek help and recover."

Ms Murphy has also set up a corporate offering to allow employers to connect with employees and promote positive mental health and create awareness of challenges faced in the workplace.

Among those taking part in the campaign is chartered accountant and first-time father Liam Broan.

He said: "As a new dad I can fully appreciate the roller coaster that new parents are on and it's good to know that the Moment Health app exists to help those who may be finding everyday life as a new parent daunting. I have found the app very beneficial in helping me be better informed about paternal mental health."

Business owner Orla McKeating, who runs a coffee shop and roastery in south Belfast, said: "It's really important to raise the volume on maternal mental health and reach out to people who are struggling."

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