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Celebrating companies which have shown creative thinking

OSG Cloud says it’s delighted to be one of the sponsors in the 2022 Belfast Telegraph Business Awards


Brian McCrory, chief operating officer of OSG Cloud and Terry Moore, chief executive of Outsource Group

Brian McCrory, chief operating officer of OSG Cloud and Terry Moore, chief executive of Outsource Group

Brian McCrory, chief operating officer of OSG Cloud and Terry Moore, chief executive of Outsource Group

As the most innovative business cloud offering to enter the market in recent years, OSG Cloud is delighted to sponsor the Belfast Telegraph 2022 Business Awards Excellence in Innovation category.

It’s a category that recognises and celebrates companies which have demonstrated creative thinking and developed innovative products, solutions and services.

OSG Cloud was born out of the need for enterprise grade cloud infrastructure for business locally in Northern Ireland, addressing the shortcomings and negative experiences with existing providers. 

Underpinned by global design experts, leading cloud technologies and the truly customer-centric approach that the Outsource Group of companies brings to all its solutions and services, OSG Cloud delivers guaranteed superior performance, guaranteed fixed and unbeatable price, industry-leading security, and guaranteed recoverability.  

It also provides public cloud stability, evergreen technology, ownership and responsibility of your migration to the cloud and a dedicated team to configure, manage and monitor your bespoke dedicated cloud environment.

It has a full suite of managed services for businesses that do not have the time, resources, or funds to make the levels of commitment required to fully exploit cloud technologies.

And it’s a practicable alternative to investing in costly dedicated in-house specialist teams or external contracts to help you maximise return from IT and your business-critical applications.

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Every business that has deployed a POC workload on OSG has decided to implement it as part of their digital transformation and IT delivery strategy.

We understand that your business requirements may dictate specific cloud services, tools, or simply geographic reach, that only the tier 1 hyperscale public clouds can deliver. OSG seamlessly integrates with all these platforms, delivering a truly hybrid cloud solution; allowing businesses the freedom to cherry pick from all available cloud provider options.

We are proud to partner with the world’s leading cloud specialist and recovery technology companies, (DellEMC, VMware, Veeam) to jointly design and deliver our best in class performing cloud offering and support services.

The expert teams at the Outsource Group empower businesses to solve tomorrow’s problems today. They utilise the power of technology to make life better for enterprises of all sizes. 

OSG Cloud gives your IT and applications the performance your business deserves, removes the pain points of cloud migration and ongoing management and will not be beaten technically or commercially. If you want a cloud and IT partner that has already successfully worked with local, national and international companies then get in touch to run a free workload and experience the real impact it can have on your business.


For information on OSG Cloud visit www.osgcloud.co.uk or contact: info@osgcloud.co.uk or tel: 0845 6800250