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Co Down's Slieve Donard turns on the gas thanks to £60m pipeline link

Michael Weston (right), general manager of the Slieve Donard Resort, with Olly Mars, Phoenix Natural Gas
Michael Weston (right), general manager of the Slieve Donard Resort, with Olly Mars, Phoenix Natural Gas

By Staff Reporter

One of Northern Ireland's best known hotels has made the switch to gas.

The Slieve Donard Resort and Spa in Newcastle said the decision comes on the back of the Phoenix Natural Gas £60m project to extend access to its network to 13 towns across Co Down.

The resort, which is owned and operated by Hastings Hotels, made the move following a £1.1m investment in the hotel which included a brand new kitchen and a redesign of the drawing room as well as the upgrading of 16 of the hotel's guest bedrooms.

Michael Weston, general manager at the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa, said: "We are committed to conducting our business in a way that ensures environmental sustainability for future generations.

"This made making the move to natural gas, which produces less carbon than any other fossil fuel, a priority for us as soon as it became available in the area.

"As well as the environmental savings, connecting to natural gas has allowed us to install new combined heating and power units which allows us to convert any surplus gas into electricity which is further reducing our carbon emissions and reducing our overall electricity costs.

"All of which is achieved without any compromise to the comfort, standard and enjoyment of our guests."

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Olly Mars, industrial and commercial sales manager at Phoenix Natural Gas, said the supplier has been delighted with the number of businesses making the switch to natural gas as a result of the network extension.

"We are excited to be working with clients like the Slieve Donard Resort and Spa to support them in their ambitions to operate with an energy efficiency focus and to provide an effective, reliable and lower carbon heating solution for their business," he said.

"As well as bringing an environmental benefit we are seeing more and more commercial customers making the move for the additional benefits that natural gas can bring.

"From consolidating their fuel choices to better utilising their existing spaces with the removal of large boilers, we are seeing more and more commercial customers investing in natural gas to fuel the future of their business," he added.

Phoenix Natural Gas began work to extend its gas network across east Down in 2016.

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