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Company Report: Diaceutics plc


John Simpson

By John Simpson

Diaceutics plc is a relatively new locally owned company that has been expanding quickly and has recently achieved registration on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) on the Stock Exchange.

The group has expertise in the pharmaceutical sector where, for its clients, it optimises the implementation strategies for companion diagnostics.

It describes its mission as the design, creation and implementation of innovative solutions that enhance the speed to market and increase the effectiveness for all stakeholders in the personalised medicine industry.

Central to the business is the collection of data, data analytics, products and outsourced services, leading to the development of strategies for the launch of appropriate therapies.

The group procedure is organised through four modules: landscaping, planning, implementation and tracking for the diagnostic tests. This procedure results in an ability to track the experience of a patient and better understand the treatment methodology which gives greater insight than a simple laboratory test.

Capital expenditure has increased and, including intangible assets, rose in 2018 to over £1.1m. Employment has risen too, to an average of 65 people in 2018.

Also last year, the group made dividend payments of £300,000.

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The increase in the balance sheet value of shareholders' funds reflects the retention of post-tax profits in the business.

Diaceutics plc is led by chief executive officer Peter Keeling.

It has premises in Belfast and Dundalk, Co Louth.

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