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Company Report: Kainos plc


John Simpson

By John Simpson

Kainos Group has continued its successful and profitable expansion in the last five years.

The group emerged from a spin-out based in Queen's University just over 30 years ago. It is one of only three companies which have major Northern Ireland-based activities and are listed on the stock exchange. During the more recent year, the business paid dividends to shareholders costing £7.6m.

Kainos has two divisions: one for digital services and the other for digital platforms. In the most recent year, business through the digital services continued strong growth of 22% in revenue from both new and existing customers.

This part of the business is now supported by new offices in Birmingham, Frankfurt and Copenhagen, in addition to existing offices in Amsterdam and Gdansk.

The digital platforms division maintained its overall revenue (down by 5%) with continued reliance on the Evolve platform, with 115 international organisations on this platform, which relates strongly to the healthcare systems, including a product for the digitalisation of patient notes for the acute services of the NHS. The Evolve programme is continuing to focus on a shared care project with a leading commissioning group as well as some early adopter acute trusts. In the USA a telehealth provider, In Touch Health, is still under development.

The group is host to 10 subsidiaries, five here, two in the USA and one each in the Republic, Germany and Denmark.

The Sunday Times acknowledged the group as one of the 100 best companies to work for.

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In an interesting broadening of the business base, the group now owns 11.2% of the share capital of another Northern Ireland company specialising in medical diagnostics, Cirdan Imaging.

Kainos employs nearly 1,000 people. During last year it received 11,465 job applications and 80% of recruits were recruited directly, rather than through agencies.

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