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Danish entrepreneur on why time is right for luxury watch firm in Belfast

Venture: Hans Henrik Enoksen
Venture: Hans Henrik Enoksen

By Christine Carrigan

The Danish entrepreneur behind a new Belfast luxury watch company has said his start-up is experiencing "unexpected growth".

The Enoksen Watch Company on Ormeau Avenue currently employs six people, and has a heavy online presence.

More than 100 guests were at its launch at the Ormeau Baths last night.

The firm was founded by Hans Henrik Enoksen five months ago after he decided that a career change was in order.

Having worked in the IT industry for the past 30 years, the self-proclaimed "watch collector and fanatic" told the Belfast Telegraph he had always wanted to do something involving his passion and, being in his mid-50s, the time "felt right".

The company currently sells three designs of wristwatch, which retail at between £300 and £400. Although German-made, he says each model has a Belfast influence.

He added that part of the reason the watches have been successful is down to their "great quality and design with a lack of branding at an affordable price."

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Talking about his current market, he said that the timepieces have been selling really well locally.

"It is exciting because the majority of our customers already have a more expensive watch," he said.

"There are customers who are wearing a Rolex that have bought one of ours.

"Considering a replacement link for a Rolex costs more than one of our watches, it is pretty significant.

"You wouldn't get divorced by your wife if you came home with one of them on a whim."

Talking about his future plans, the entrepreneur said his products would not be sold through a high street retailer.

Instead, the company was considering a pop-up shop model.

"Retail is a difficult game to be in at the moment, and a retailer would be looking for 40-50% of the profit margin, and considering our watches are cheap already, it wouldn't be good business," said Mr Enoksen.

"What we are hoping to have is 50 people in the 50 most significant cities in the world, having their eyes and ears on the ground to see where the next selling location should be, like a pop-up shop model."

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