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Devenish gains £25m deal with producer in Jamaica


Agreement: Richard Kennedy

Agreement: Richard Kennedy

Agreement: Richard Kennedy

Agri-technology group Devenish has just signed a £25m tech and R&D agreement with Jamaica-based firm Caribbean Broilers.

The 10-year contract will mean that Belfast-based Devenish's science and technology will be used in the production of sustainable chicken suited to a tropical climate and diet.

"We will build a performance house, identify challenges and use our combined knowledge and expertise to agree trial implementation," said Devenish chief executive Richard Kennedy.

Devenish uses a combination of science, technology and innovation in the development of food production systems, and specialises in the optimisation of nutrient use for the animal feed and food industry.

The company has an annual turnover of £235m, with a staff of 700 spread across the globe.

It has an innovation centre in Dowth, Co Meath, and operations in the Middle East and India.

Caribbean Broilers is an agri-business firm operating in three markets: Jamaica, Haiti and the US.

Addressing the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Kennedy said Ireland had the ability to play a key role in the international food industry once the crisis had passed.

He said: "Ireland has an extremely strong and well-regarded position globally in terms of production and provision of quality food. This has been a hard-fought and well-deserved reputation, and something that we have seen and found incredibly valuable as we have travelled throughout the world building our business.

"But it is a reputation now that we must fight to hold on to. In order to do that, we must step into the challenge of delivering sustainable, authentic and transparent food production, as I've said previously, and shortcuts will not be tolerated.

"To build on something and make it better, we must innovate and adapt to new demands that require change."

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