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How novice Bill Wolsey was at sharp end of pub trade

Bill Wolsey
Bill Wolsey

By Staff Reporter

Publican and hotelier Bill Wolsey has revealed how he was stabbed in the arm during his first year as a pub owner in Bangor.

Mr Wolsey, who now owns a string of properties including Belfast's Merchant Hotel, had bought over the Trident Tavern in the 1980s and described how he tried to welcome both sides of the community.

He took down flags and stopped playing God Save The Queen at closing time, but was attacked and knifed.

"It was a year of hell but I learnt more in that year than in the following 38," he told the Sunday Times.

The bar was renamed Wolseys and was sold on by his brother Martin last year.

Mr Wolsey told the newspaper how he plans to spend £22m on a 100-bed Bullitt Hotel in Dublin after opening the first Bullitt in Belfast two years ago.

He hopes to convert the former headquarters of Riverdance on Capel Street.

The plans were first revealed in Business Telegraph last year.

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