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Jawbox founder talks international expansion and the latest gin fashion

Emma Deighan

By Emma Deighan

In two weeks, he'll take on the Swedish market to give Jawbox a presence in both the on and off trade there.

It's a trip Gerry White could only have dreamed of when he trademarked the brand of gin four years ago.

His product is now sold in major supermarkets around the UK. Gerry says that in his old role as a barman, he always wanted to have his own drink and swayed towards gin. "It was considered an older woman's drink and I would say only within the last few years it's had a new lease of life, a resurgence, and that's because of the increased volume of quality gins and also thanks to barmen who are enthusiastic about it.

"They're doing amazing cocktails and garnishes with beautiful presentation."

Next up, he'll be attending a global trade show in Sydney.

He adds: "We are in eight different European countries and Spain has to be one of the biggest consumers of gin which is really great for us."

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