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Law society: Survey highlights contribution to economy


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The head of the Law Society in Northern Ireland has said a new survey into the profession will help highlight its important contribution to the economy.

The Belfast Telegraph has joined international market research firm Statista for the survey identifying the top law firms in Northern Ireland.

Business clients and peers can participate and recommend law firms they know and rate highly.

Recommendations can be made in more than 20 legal categories, including banking and finance, employment, corporate, criminal law, mergers and acquisitions, administrative and public law, private issues such as family and inheritance matters, and others.

Rowan White, president of the Law Society of Northern Ireland, said: “Surveys such as this provide an opportunity to highlight the invaluable services which all solicitor firms provide to our community and their important contribution to the economy in Northern Ireland.”

The survey will run until May 21 and can be completed following a quick registration process.

To register, go to the Statista link: https://www.statista.com/page/best-law-firms-northern-ireland-2022

Participation is free and recommendations left will be treated anonymously.

Eoin Brannigan, editor in chief of the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life, said: "We look forward to bringing our readers the results of this comprehensive survey later in the year. The Northern Ireland legal market is thriving, with a strong range of practices from small, single-partner firms, to our major homegrown commercial practices.

"Our legal firms have always punched above their weight and we look forward to highlighting their many strengths and successes."

Statista partner Thomas Clark said: "In other countries where we have already executed similar mega-research on legal firms, we managed to get tens of thousands of recommendations.

"We hope to achieve the same here to provide research that, once published in the Belfast Telegraph, can serve as an excellent guide to readers."

Publication of the best law firms is planned for the Belfast Telegraph in November, in print and online.