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Limavady distillery joins forces with North American producer to create world first single barrel Irish whiskey


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A distillery in Co Londonderry has teamed up with a North American brand to create the world’s first single barrel Irish whiskey.

Master distiller of Limavady Irish Whiskey Darryl McNally, and leading independent American rye whiskey company WhistlePig, will launch their product in select markets throughout Northern Ireland, the UK and the US next month.

WhistlePig will manage the bottling and distributing of the whiskey under Mr McNally’s direction, while he will focus on production and innovation.

Both WhistlePig and Limavady Irish Whiskey are super premium craft whiskeys.

Mr McNally is an internationally recognised master distiller and is a descendant of Limavady distillery’s 18th century operators.

WhistlePig led rye in maturation from farm-to-bottle distilling, while Limavady will epitomise single barrel single malt.

Mr McNally told businesswire that “reclaiming” the Limavady whiskey name has been a long-held dream of his, and teaming up with WhistlePig has made it all the more exciting.

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“Forward-thinking and not afraid to push the boundaries of innovation, WhistlePig is the perfect match for Limavady, and I couldn’t wish for a better partner in taking Irish whiskey to new heights,” he added.

WhistlePig CEO Jeff Kozak, said the company understood Mr McNally’s plans to revive Limavady whiskey and jumped at the opportunity to team up.

“We visited Limavady and experienced the historic distillery grounds,” he stated.

“While the brand draws its inspiration from the past, we are looking to the future of Limavady as Darryl takes Irish whiskey to the next level.”

Additional information on Limavady Irish Whiskey will be released in the coming weeks, but a 700ml bottle will have a retail price of $49.99 (£36.36).

Limavady Single Barrel Irish Whiskey is one of Ireland’s oldest whiskeys dating back to 1750.