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Los Angeles millionaire wants to buy Northern Ireland football club's ground

Inver Park, home of Larne Football Club, is now on the market
Inver Park, home of Larne Football Club, is now on the market
Emma Deighan

By Emma Deighan

A millionaire estate agent will put a bid in for a Northern Ireland football club's ground as it goes on the market today.

Larne-born Kenny Bruce, who now resides in Los Angeles and made his millions through his Purple Bricks Group PLC estate agency business, told the Belfast Telegraph he "will be doing all he can" to secure Inver Park, in Larne, for the team's use after Mid and East Antrim Borough Council put it up for sale.

Mr Bruce has already invested thousands in the aspiring Championship outfit since he took it over last year. Then he announced plans to develop the stadium and invest heavily in the squad and has since bought players in deals that have saw them outbid Irish League teams.

Mr Bruce said: "I, of course, will be doing all I can to make sure our charity is the successful bidder but there are no guarantees we will be successful.

"We are, of course, trying buy Inver Park to secure sports facilities for the club and town but the local authority have advertised the ground for sale as development land. It would be worth much more to a developer for homes than to a charity for sports facilities but we will do our best to secure the ground."

Following Mr Bruce's takeover last September, the club announced that Gareth Clements would become chairman. Archie Smyth was appointed secretary.

Speaking about the club's bid, Mr Clements said: We view Inver Park going for sale on the open market as a positive step forward in our attempts to acquire the stadium. Obviously we have expressed our interest and will submit a formal bid in line with the requirements laid out by the agent."

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