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Mallaghan in £2.6m deal for de-icer units at Moscow Airport

Owen McKenna

Co Tyrone airport equipment firm Mallaghan has won a €3m (£2.6m) contract for its de-icing equipment from a Russian company.

Mallaghan in Dungannon will provide six de-icing units to UTG Aviation Services.

The equipment will be used by ground handling company UTG Domodedovo at Moscow Domodedovo Airport, which transports over 30 million passengers every year.

Owen McKenna, sales director at Mallaghan, said: "This is a significant contract for Mallaghan as it is our first entry to the Russian de-icer market.

"The requirements were quite unique and challenging so the technical specification is therefore entirely bespoke.

"We're very proud to partner with UTG Aviation Services to introduce our de-icing product to the Russian market."

Mallaghan is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of airport ground support equipment. It has over 100 customers and seven international locations.

Its products include passenger stairs, high-lift trucks for catering and cabin cleaning, de-icers, water trucks and toilet trucks. It has also launched an airport bus.

Artyom Rakov from UTG Domodedovo said winters in Russia were harsh, with de-icing required on over 100 days a year. "Aircraft safety is always imperative, thus efficient procedures and innovative technology allow UTG Aviation Services holdings to ensure a seamless experience for passengers despite the challenging weather conditions."

He added: "Mallaghan has done an incredible job. They have extensive experience in the manufacturing of ground support equipment, so had the capability to adapt the technology for our strict and very demanding requirements. The team had a complete understanding of our needs based on its vast experience and we worked very closely throughout the design and manufacture of these units."

Mallaghan employs over 450 at its manufacturing facilities here and in Atlanta in the US. It recently signed a deal to provide maintenance platform lifts to Delta Air Lines in the US.

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