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A question of money: Where's my interest?

Question: I am still awaiting my latest interest payment on National Savings' Income Bonds, due at the beginning of the year. What is going on?

Answer: About 3,000 holders of NS&I Income Bonds did not receive their first interest payments of the year, due on January 5. NS&I promises that everyone due an interest payment on February 5 will be paid on schedule. Most people who did not receive their January payment will receive a two months' payment in February. Some people, whose missed payments were substantial, have been sent urgent cheques for their January interest. NS&I says that most of the missed payments were for less than £10, but for about 7% the missed payments were in excess of £100. Any customers who incur bank charges because of the delay can reclaim these from NS&I, which has promised to refund them in full.

Further information: tel: 0500 500 000.

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