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Video: Channel 4's Mrs Moneypenny offers families advice to help reduce waste and save money

Despite a tough economic climate, we are still throwing away their hard-earned cash, every day by not using energy around the house efficiently.

In this video Mrs Moneypenny and leading sustainability experts, the Energy Saving Trust, Waste Watch & Waterwise, are on hand to help the nation keep those bills at a minimum.

Figures released today by P&G reveal the shocking amount of energy being wasted. According to the Energy Saving Trust, households in the UK could save £2 billion per year by turning their appliances off standby.

The figures show that every home can save an average of £100 off their annual energy bills and a further £50 off their water bills, just by doing a few simple things such as switching off at the plugs, turning down the thermostat and not filling the kettle up for one cuppa – significant savings at a time when we’re all watching our pennies.

Furthermore, 24% of a household’s heating bill is from heating hot water, costing, on average, £150. Stats show that about a third of water usage is wasted – money down the drain every day. No one likes the idea that they’re wasting money unnecessarily.

The Energy Saving Trust estimate that on average homes in the UK could save an average of £325 a year by taking on a range of energy saving measures and behaviours.

Top tips from the experts include:

Turn it off! Make sure you turn your appliances and devices off when you're not using them. The average house could save between £50 and £90 a year just by remembering to turn things off when not in use and avoiding standby, if they don't already do this.

Turn it down! Turning down your thermostat if it is set too high could save around £65 a year on heating bills and 260kg of carbon dioxide. 

Turn to 30°C – Washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than high temperatures could save around £13 a year on energy bills and around 43kg of carbon dioxide. Set your washing machine to wash at 30°C.

Careful with the kettle – Don’t fill your kettle right up every time – just boil the amount of water you need. This could save you around £8 in energy bills a year.

Line Dry outside - With the summer officially here, you can look at drying your clothes outside on a line instead of using a tumble dryer. Doing this during the summer months could save an average £20 a year on your energy bill, and 65kg of carbon dioxide.

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