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NI remains cheapest place in UK to rent a room

By Mark McConville

Five Northern Ireland locations feature in a new list of the 10 cheapest places to rent a room in the UK.

While the local price of renting rose quicker than anywhere else in the UK last year, Northern Ireland remains the least expensive region, with an average cost of £365 a month. Flat and house-share site Spareroom ranks Lisburn as the second cheapest place to share a flat at just £317 a month.

Craigavon, including Lurgan and Portadown, was third on £324.

It was followed by Bangor in fourth (£327), Londonderry in sixth (£335) and Newtownabbey in seventh (£336).

The cheapest place to rent a room in the UK was Galashiels in Scotland, which came in at just £266 a month.

At the other end of the scale, the South-East of England was the most expensive region at £528 per month, followed by East Anglia on £493 and Scotland on £480.

London leads the way as the most expensive place to share a flat, but with the capital excluded, Jersey was top on £784 a month. Twickenham was in second (£684), Barnet in third (£666), Guernsey in fourth (£656) and Kingston upon Thames in fifth (£644).

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The research also found that the average cost of renting a room, excluding in London, had increased by 2% to £484 over 12 months.

The capital's average rent price remained steady, in sharp contrast the to the 4% increase seen in the third quarter of 2018.

The south-east of London is the cheapest part of the city to rent in, with an average price of £727.

West central and east central London, meanwhile, are the most expensive areas.

Spareroom's rental index for the fourth quarter of last year analysed the performance of the rental market across the UK and was based on 250,000 room listings.

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