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NI Water's £100m treatment plants buyout welcomed

By Staff Reporter

A move by NI Water to buy out its private sector partner in a water treatment public private partnership (PPP) will bring greater confidence in the quality of water, it's been claimed.

NI Water has purchased Kelda Water Services’ stake in four treatment plants in a deal worth around £100m. 

Kellie Armstrong, Alliance Party MLA and infrastructure spokeswoman, said: “This is a welcome move that should instil greater consumer confidence, both in terms of cost and water quality going forward.

“A move that could easily happen in the background without the general public recognising the importance, this sale will have a positive effect on running costs, allowing the company to invest in service delivery elsewhere.” 

With domestic water charges in Northern Ireland covered by the block grant, Ms Armstrong said that the money saved through NI Water’s deal could be redirected towards health, education and other services.

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